Altaf Overseas a Trusted name in Manpower sector in Bangladesh, Altaf Overseas a manpower export organization was Re gis tered with the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Licensed to trade in as above the organizations, Ai ms of drawi ng and adequate share in the international Market. Its object in exact and efficient meeting of client ele demand from abroad to the benefit
of bot h overseas employer and employee from home.

Bangladesh are immensely populated country and has a vast manpower potential to meet increasing demands from outside fulfilling the home needs. In that sett ing up Altaf Overseas adopted a policy of appropriate recruitment of specific requirement. In other words, right supply to right demand. And for that the organization has come up with full fledg ed infrastructure and management faci lities in conformity with the
modern methods of trading demands.

As we know that many other countries are exporting manpower to theinternational market and their number is increasing. Altaf Overseas has been in the competition with both qualitative and quantitative placement of professional, technicians, ski lled, semi-skilled and un-skilled labour force. As manpower export has a significant bearing on the exchequer’s foreignexchange componentive have taken up J motto to add increasing share in that through judi cious recruitment and satisfactory meeting of clientele requirement.

This organization has come up in the realm of manpower trade to serveinterests of all concerned the individuals recruited at home, the valued clients abroad and the Government with acumen and efficient access in the affair. It has come to serve with prudence and trust. It began with an humble dispatch of less than a hundred and achieving a considerable increase in that over the years in now capable of dispatching more
than a thousand amount. And confidently now Ican Say these all happens by dint of our
sincere and honest effort.

May The Almighty Allah bless us all.